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Collection 3 by Adam Miklosi
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Automotive Power Tools
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Print & Play Construction Company

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Wall Mounts and Table Stands
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The Palm Tree Tool Shop

Artist Collection

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Uppgradera Collection 3

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Discover. Create. FLEX

Enable 3D x FLEX

Print & play construction company

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Enable 3D x INBUS®


Artist Collection
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You want to get involved in product design and showcase your work? Finally - that's exactly what we've been looking for. We believe that we need to unlock the potential of all creators out there.

Anyone can submit his or her design to us to make it available to all users. We check the design and if it meets all the requirements, it becomes an official product. We take care of some nice content and the distribution of the designs. Join the future of product development.

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We are eager to develop new use cases together with brands. Let's talk to see how we can maker your customers happier with additive manufacturing.