Community Printing Service
No Printer? No Problem.

The sharing economy is here to stay. Not everybody has a 3D printer and not everybody needs one. But of course you still want our amazing products. Our community printing service is right at your door step.

Don't bother about your purchase: all products will be made with recycled PLA Filament from our partner Reflow.

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Getting your hands on a 3D print is easy. We have pre-qualified experts from our community to print your designs and ship them to you at super fair rates. Are you interested? Then just fill out the form below and one of our members will directly get in touch with you. From the community for the community.

[Disclaimer]: As part of our "community printing service", we act as an intermediary for external printing partners. Communication, payment, order processing and warranty are the responsibility of the printing partner. All aspects of the order can be handled in direct communication with the respective printing partner. The general terms and conditions, data protection declaration and revocation provisions of the website "" only apply until an inquiry is made using the contact form.