Frequently Asked Questions

All right, you are asking yourself how all of this "3D printing" and "downloading" works? Great - we have tried to cover your most common questions in our FAQ.

Enable 3D 101

ENABLE 3D is a platform for 3d printable designs which you can download free of charge. Part of the designs are developed directly by ENABLE 3D and another part is created by our community via the Community Development Program.

ENABLE 3D is working together with different brands from the DIY industry and independent artists. You can download these STL. files and print them at home with their 3d printer.

ENABLE 3D has always been and will always be for free. You can download all the holders available on our onlineshop without any costs.

We charge the collaborating brands a fee for the development to keep our organisation up an running.

If you want to join us in designing great 3D printing models check out House of Recreate which is our dedicated community development program.


Once you've chosen the product you would like to print, you have to click on 'add to cart' and complete the required information. You have to complete the purchase which is completely for free and require the files on the last page of the checkout process and receive them via e-mail too.

The download consists out of a .ZIP file with the instructions, the corresponding .STL files and some additional information such as a catalog of our designs.

For sure. You will receive the STL files and can make any adaption for yourself as you need to.

New Stuff

At ENABLE 3D we are continuously working on new designs and accessories for our community. Join our newsletter in order to be the first to know about new releases.

We are continuously working on collaborating with new brands and finding new partners in order to create new high class content for you. If you want to speed that process up - feel free to ask your favorite brands why they still have no Enable 3D project .

In order to stay updated and receive the latest information about ENABLE 3D and new designs, you can subscribe to our newsletter and receive once per month updates. If you want to waste more time online make sure to follow our social channels - links at the bottom of the page.

If you want to participate and join the Enable 3D community, you can become part of the House of Recreate and support us with your ideas and designs. If you don't have a specific idea yet, feel free to join our groups for exchanging with the community.

3D Printing

In general you can choose any printing method and material you like. For novice users we recommend to use a FDM printer and PLA filament.

We encourage everyone to buy recycled material. We have enough plastic on our planet already and making filament from plastic waste is a great step to make the production process more sustainable.

If you want to try a recycled filament we are using Reflows PLA and PETG.

If you want to get a proper overview of the general material types check out our blog post in collaboration with thex expers from Makerbot here.

YES. PLEASE. The recycled filaments on the market are amazing and as good as virgin plastic filaments. We use solely recycled filament for our prototyping and content production and it works perfectly.

The costs related to printing our designs varies based on the amount of material required, your printing method etc.

We have made some sample calculations and comparisons to traditionally manufactured products here in our blog.

Not everybody has a printer - therefore we connect our users. See our Community Printing Service for users who print for you and ship it.

If you want to know more about House of Recreate check the respective site - we have an extensive FAQ there regarding all questions around community developments.