Design your Monitor Stand easily

Paramate x enable 3D
A new Era of Design

Together with Paramate we have made the creation of your custom STL files easy. Try out our new generator for your custom designed monitor stand.

You just have to add your board measurements and your desired stand configuration. The generator will create your ready to download 3D printing files.

Parametric Design

Customize you Monitor Stand

Create you custom designed monitor stand with a click of a button. Based on Paramte's new design approach everyone can design custom products.

Design yourself
About Paramate

paramate enables you to create advanced product customization apps using parametric design and CAD scripting. You define allowed ranges for any configurable product element, ensuring your customers or internal users get a manufacturable part every time.

In the background our advanced algorithms take over the complex 3D model generation in the cloud, while an intuitive and easy-to-use experience is provided to the app user.