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There is something exciting brewing in the world of 3D printing! Enable 3D, in collaboration with FLEX Power Tools, has just launched a new collection of 3D printed accessories. Taking full advantage of the limitless possibilities of additive manufacturing, this launch aims to revolutionize the way you interact with your FLEX power tools.

This new collection is a set of 10 uniquely designed accessories, each serving a distinct purpose. From holders for your power tools to drying racks for your polishing pads, these accessories are designed to enhance the functionality and convenience of your FLEX tools.

Enable 3D and FLEX Power Tools

Here are the new additions to the Enable 3D x FLEX power tools lineup:

1. 18V Battery Wall Holder (FX005): A perfect spot to store your 18V battery when not in use. This wall holder ensures your battery is always within reach and not lost amidst your tools.

2. Wall Holder for PXE Polisher (FX001): Specifically designed for the PXE Polisher, this holder provides a dedicated storage space for your polisher, ensuring it's always ready for action.

3. 10.8V Battery Wall Holder (FX004): Similar to the 18V battery wall holder, this accessory is designed to store your 10.8V battery, keeping it safe and easily accessible.

4. Polish Bottle Wall Holder (FX009): This holder is designed to keep your polish bottle secure and within easy reach, ensuring a smooth workflow during your polishing tasks.

5. Polish Pad Dryer for Pads 40 - 80mm (FX007):** This drying rack is perfect for keeping your smaller polishing pads dry and in good shape for the next use.

6. Polish Pad Dryer for Pads 80 - 160mm (FX008): A larger version of the pad dryer, designed for bigger polishing pads.

7. Battery Charger Wall Holder (FX006): This wall holder keeps your battery charger within easy reach, preventing any charging delays due to misplaced chargers【15†source】.

8. Wall Holder for PE Polisher (FX002): Designed for the PE Polisher, this wall holder ensures your tool is safely stored and ready to go when you need it.

9. Wall Holder for XCE & XFE Polisher (FX003): Specifically made for XCE & XFE Polishers, this holder keeps your tools secure and within reach for immediate use.

10. PXE Holder for L-BOXX (FX010): Designed to secure your PXE Polisher in the L-BOXX, this holder ensures your tool is well-protected and easy to carry around.

These new 3D printed accessories from Enable 3D and FLEX power tools are not just add-ons, they are game changers. They aim to bring organization, efficiency, and convenience to your workflow, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with 3D printing and power tools.

This launch underscores Enable 3D's commitment to pushing the boundaries of additive manufacturing and FLEX's dedication to enhancing the user experience of their power tools. We invite you to explore this new collection and experience the innovation firsthand.

Stay tuned for more exciting innovations from Enable 3D and FLEX power tools!

Enable 3D and FLEX team up to bring new 3D printed accessories