Into the world of IKEA hacking

Do you have an IKEA product that drives you insane because it has a small design flaw? Most of us use some IKEA product during the day and some of those are not entirely perfect. This is where IKEA hacking starts.

IKEA Hack for FROST with 3D Printing by Enable 3D and UPPGRADERA

Adam Miklosi is an industrial designer and of the most prominent IKEA hackers. With his brand UPPGRADERA he has already published two collections all around the Swedish household name. We are proud to announce the launch of UPPGRADERA Collection 3 as a collaboration between Enable 3D and UPPGRADERA.

Discover 5 exclusive new products by Adam available for free to download and print right at home. From cheese graters to clothing racks - this collection covers some IKEA bestsellers and showcases a new level of design where consumers improve the brand's designs.