Discover the Killing Chaos collection

The Killing Chaos collection was created in collaboration with WIESEMANN 1893 and consists out of seven different tool trolley inlays.
The inlays are very useful and can be combined with each other in order to fill up your drawer. The Killing Chaos collection literally kills the chaos within your tool trolley and helps you to reorganize your workshop.
You can store your tools like leg pullers, screwdrivers, hammers and much more with these inlays. Each inlay has an uneven surface which adapts completely to the corresponding tool and gives it a proper support so whenever you open or close your drawer the tools stay at their place. Apart from the stl file for the inlay, you also receive a stl file with connectors which can be used to combine the different inlays however you want. Click here to check out the whole Killing Chaos collection and look into the Palm Tree Tool Shop and Iconic Order Collection.