Which Brands Already Offer 3D Printable Accessories?

3D printing has revolutionized the way we create and customize products. From workshop items to lifestyle accessories, the possibilities are endless. But which brands are already taking advantage of this technology and offering 3D printable accessories to be printed at home by the end user? Let's explore some of the pioneers in this field who are either developing digital products themselves or having designers develop them using 3D printing.

Some examples of 3D printable accessories can be found especially in the DIY sector:

FLEX offers ten 3D printing designs for its automotive series.

The traditional brand INBUS currently has seven 3D printable holders available for download for its most relevant products for its customers.

WIESEMANN 1893 boasts 93 3D printable products for their tools.

At Wiha, customers will find 13 3D printing designs.

Würth offers 8 designs for their hand and power tools.

WAGO let the community develop 3D printable products.

At Hettich, customers can print out accessories to support installation.

There are already brands in the automotive industry that use additive manufacturing. Customers can customize their Ford Maverick pickup truck using 3D printing for example.

Abbey Bike Tools also offers holders for bicycle tools for the perforated wall, which customers can print out themselves at home.

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