What Should I Pay Attention to With 3D Printing Products for my Brand Besides the Development?

If a brand or manufacturer has decided to offer 3D printable products, there are further challenges beyond pure product development.

1. Distributor

There are often discussions internally about who will market the new product. The structurally different production raises new questions. We are happy to provide support right up to the official takeover of the distributorship.

2. Distribution

Product distribution is even more important than the actual product development. The existing sales channels often do not work for 3D printing files. There is a large selection of distribution channels, which are often new to an existing sales organization. We at Enable 3D are happy to support you with the selection and operational management of the platforms.

3. Iteration

Due to the elimination of the tool making in additive manufacturing, you have the opportunity to respond to customer feedback much more quickly. It is therefore particularly important, in addition to the actual initial development, to continue to monitor the products and pay attention to optimization opportunities.


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