Internal vs External - How to Develop a 3D Printing Product

If a company has decided to develop 3D printable products, the question of implementation arises. There are basically two options with very different advantages.

Internal development

With in-house development, you rely on existing resources and know-how within the company. In the best case, the developers are already familiar with the user's problems and can therefore guarantee a significantly faster project.

External development

When you outsource such a project related to additive manufacturing, you bring specialist knowledge into the company. Product development for additive manufacturing differs massively from classic manufacturing methods such as injection molding. In addition, existing development resources can continue to work on their projects and such a project can be managed in parallel. We at Enable 3D are happy to support you with our expertise.


Enable 3D - Product Development for 3D printing

Enable 3D is the digital layer to your physical products. In collaboration with you we apply additive manufacturing to enable the circular economy for a more sustainable world. Based on the use cases of your customers we develop and market 3D printing designs like storage solutions, accessory and lifestyle products. Together we reshape value chains with 3D print-at-home solutions.