Enable 3D


From climate change over global pandemics to broken supply chains – we live in a state of constant crises. For a better tomorrow we need ground-breaking innovations with purpose.

We aim to recreate the future. Circularity is the only answer to the waste of resources on our finite planet. All our products are designed to be reused again and thus close the circular gap. We believe in the power of collaboration to elevate ambitious brands, creative community members and innovative products. By combining creative potential, something truly new will arise. We live in the era of decentralization. By creating digital layers to physical goods, we enable the future of co-production.

We are curious and super-optimistic just like our users. They are consciously adopting a sustainable lifestyle. Being tech-savvy and familiar with 3D-print-at-home applications, they are at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies. Our collaboration partners are pioneers in their fields. They advocate for a more sustainable world and digitize their industries.

To rescue the planet, it’s not enough anymore to reduce waste we need to eliminate waste entirely. With mono-material products that are 100 percent reusable we enable the circular economy by leaving no waste at all. Moreover, our decentral production approach is independent from vulnerable traditional value chains and makes transport obsolete. Within our concept everybody wins.

Our circular model enables a sustainable and conscious consumption for users and brands alike. Together we can close the loop of the product life cycle. With Enable 3D we are steering beyond and away from traditional paths of manufacturing into a digital, sustainable future.

- August 1st 2022, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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